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LOUDER single 28/02/20

'Lighthearted in sound, yet powerful in lyrical content,
“Louder” is an anthem for all the women in the music industry
who have been overlooked, disrespected or ignored.'
Atwood Magazine

OUSEBURN album 05/10/18

"Ouseburn promises social commentary, strident synths and stinging pop hooks by the bucket load" - M-Magazine (PRS Magazine), UK
"Jungle drums bearing down on Mordor-esque 80's synth, while frontwoman Bea takes vocalising to a new level [...] This is pretty strong stuff" - Freshonthenet, UK
"Ouseburn is everything a great album should be; dramatic, ambitious, intellectually stimulating and with a message" - Earthly Pleasures, UK
"Ouseburn does a remarkable job at sounding contemporary – and also relevant. With the decline of music venues and the changing face of the music industry itself, it’s refreshing to see a band tackle these issues, but at the same time pull off some very polished pop tunes in the process" - The Electricity Club, UK
"Bursting at the seams with infectious pop melodies, 80’s synths, tribal drums and Bea Garcia’s unique vocals, the album takes you on a journey through the streets of the band’s beloved Newcastle" - NARC Magazine, UK
"Their buoyant engaging sound has its synth elements but is also guitar driven and bristling with energy and the snap crackle pop of a driving indie anthem" - Trust The Doc (Demera Records), UK
"It opens with perhaps the most defiant and inspiring opening line of an album in recent years: “This city is not sleeping / It’s dreaming”"
 - Travellers Tunes, UK  
"We´re fascinated by their electronic sound " - Compact Cheese, Spain
Twist Helix clearly has their own distinctive style and new vision in music creation" - Grotesqualizer
"A masterpiece"
 - Headstuff, UK
Yo Tambien Soy Indie, Spain

NEWCASTLE single 24/09/18

"What a tune this is" - Amazing Radio, UK
"an anthemic offering that builds with a stirring majesty" - Get In Her Ears, UK (Premiere)
#WeeklyTopTracks - When The Horn Blows, UK
"A beautiful song that starts a little carefully to blossom into a nice pop song"PopMuzik, Sweden
"Newcastle" is a heroic song that will provoke your emotions [...] we recommend that you put it in your daily playlist"ParaPop, Indonesia
 riveting symphony. Its anthemic and high-spirited energy gives you goosebumps. This is a stirring pop pearl with a big beating heart" - Turn Up The Volume, UK

"Track of the week" - She Makes Music, UK
"giant, irresistible slices of dramatic electronic joy" - NARC Magazine, UK
"after hearing this section for the first time, I immediately went back to it – it’s simply excellent" - Spotlight Music, UK
"beautifully poetic" - 
Born Music, UK
"Euphoric new single" - With Guitars, UK
Alternative Tracks, UK
Find A Song, Germany

Ear Protection Required
That Buzzing Sound